29 July 2010

Greetings from Paris - A tent by Georges Rech

Yewwww another treasure find and again from Paris! A jumper from Georges Rech of Paris (check out the women's lookbook it's fab). The only problem is that it's an extra large. As guess I could just eat and eat and eat. Or I could be creative and wear the jumper as a dress. OK, Ok! So it's a dress then. Here we go:

  • Jumper, second-hand George Rech
  • Scarf ?
  • Belt, Second-hand Goolwa
  • Jeans, Jay Jays
  • Boots, Wittner
PS. the funny thing is I didn't even know about George Rech before buying this jumper, I just had a feeling that it's something not crappy based on the label. Lucky me!


Anthea said...

Looks good! Love the belt.

Embracing Style

Anthea said...

Oh and congrats on being the Weardrobe Spotlight blogger the other day!

Chaucee said...

Ah I miss wearing boots. I can't wait until the weather gets chilly again!

Bec said...

thanks anthea!! i was very surprised and stoked with the weardrobe spotlight.

hi chaucee thanks for your comments - i am the opposite - can't wait til it gets warm again... haha life is always greener...

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