20 July 2010

A French Connection

What is it about the French that I find so fascinating? Is it their impeccable taste, their ability to make everything look like a romantic escape or their sweet and sour demeanour that gets me every time? Well, while I might still be stumped by these lingering questions, what I do know is that this happy threesome has created many more for me. While I don't know their life stories, I can see by simple blog connection that these three are a tight knit bunch. While all of their blogs come from different inspirations, they reveal the same days/outings, but through very different eyes/lenses. This reminds me why I love the blogging world so much, you get to peak into someone's life, wardrobe, thoughts but just how they want you to.

From left: Sacha Dumain, Tony Stone (Wolves & Bucks), Adeline Rapon

This girl has been amazing me ever since I stumbled across her blog a few months ago. Aside from kick ass photos, her lazy androgyny keeps me coming back. Each of her posts has a different feel, but every single one of them makes you feel like you are there with her in her bedroom, out with her french pals or walking the streets solo. The photo below I think depicts Adeline's style to a tee.

The official photographer of the bunch. I haven't been taken back by a photo in a while, but once I found this blog, I have been inspired ever since with my own photography. Fashion falls into his blog by default not by force, he makes you want to be there with him looking through that lens to see what it is he sees. A true talent in my amateur eyes. This photo got me, I love his sandals and long hair.

From what I can fathom, this is Miss Adeline's man. This is the beauty behind the camera for Adeline. Despite Tony's amazing work on her blog though, his own lifestyle shots are a real treat in themselves. I just love how his photos change between her blog and his own. His use of colour is so delicious and homemade. I love this photo, so casual and a moment between friends.

So now I dream of being holed up in a rundown Parisian apartment with nothing but bed hair, an oversized nightie, cigarette and bare feet to accompany my sublimely French life. I think it's time for me to organise that overdue elope to Paris . These blogs unknowingly sold me that country once again!

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