19 July 2010

Charity boots love - yayyyyy

Last week, I introduced you to my new darling boots that I bought on etsy. I told you I had bought two other which ended up being too tight. So you will not believe my luck. I went into this charity store after a chiropractor appointment - you know just to walk around for a while. And there they were - the perfect simple boots in exactly the right size. For A$20!! So stoked. I haven't had a lucky find like this, so now it's extra special.

Freaky haha, I was getting bored just posing pretty.


Ps the apparent stains on the boots are from running back and forth on wet grass to set up my tripod...


Anthea said...

Gorgeous boots! LOL, at the last picture.

Embracing Style

Bec said...

johooo anthea - thank you!!! haha yeah I am thinking about how I can have a little bit more fun with photo shoots. this one was a little freaky though ;)

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