09 July 2010

Boots love!!

So I had been on a hunt for boots for the Australian winter for the last 6 months, without much luck. I ended up buying three pairs - one flat brown pair, one dark pair with heels and this army style. The first two ended up being to tight, and now I'm selling them on ebay (here and here - have a look if you have narrow - average size 8.5 feet and have been looking for the perfect boots). Devastated...

So the only one that fit me was this army style pair, which is quickly becoming my favourite! I wore them with skinny jeans the other day, but today I decided to try them out with this winter skirt. The skirt is probably better with heels, but I just couldn't resist the comfort.

I wore a coat with that too of course...


Anthea said...

Love those boots!

Embracing Style

TheMadTwins said...

these boot are wonderful!


Mitzi G Burger said...

We also love boots here at 'Bloginboots'!

Bec said...

hi anthea and madtwins - thanks! yes I am wearing them constantly now.

hi mitzi (too funny I've never actually met someone who still has that name, it's my favourite!!!) i've been visiting your blog a few times. I love the way you write!! greatings to sydney (in adelaie at the moment :))

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