12 July 2010

It suits

I don't usually really cross over outfits between work and play, but as I've just bought a new suit and been constantly working on a project and lounging around in comfy clothes at home on the weekend, I thought I might show you what I've been wearing at work.

I had been thinking about buying a new suit for years, yes really. It's such a huge expense as there are just no quality suits in the lower price bracket. When roamed the shopping centre two weeks ago with a friend, I went into herringbone first and ended up there at the end. I am pretty disgusted by the small range of choice of quality suits across all other Australian retailers. Maybe I should start one? Anyway, I had the choice of two suits that I liked, one navy pinstripe - very classic corporate and this black, super comfy suit. The pants I so nice, nothing is tight. It's a little bit like an evening suit, or lounge suit but I don't care. I probably end up buying the other one in a few weeks anyway. For too long have I been only investing in my out of work wardrobe.


Charmaine said...

Nice suit and the last photo is FABULOUS....you're a star with the tripod.

TheMadTwins said...

That look is fabulous. Beautiful pictures as well. You look always so pretty O.O
I love the look! ^_^ very professional


Bec said...

charmaine deary thank you!! I've been nervous about mixing work with play posts, but might do it a little more in the future. could push me to get more creative with my work wardrobe.
tripod - oh my god i am in love with my tripod. go independence in outfit pictures haha!

madtwins thank you thank you :) :) :)

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