22 July 2010

Rants & Raves: Leggings as pants (please vote)

Now in its third installment (thanks everyone who has voted in the previous two!), in today's Rants & Raves, I want to discuss another trend of recent years which has been bothering me a lot:

Leggings worn without anything else. Leggings worns as pants!

Please tell me, since when is gym gear alright to wear in public places like shopping centres, schools, band gigs as a fashion item? Would you wear tights without anything too? Most likely not!

Why not? Because it's pretty much like walking around in your underpants. Or would you wear your bikini at the airport?

Apart from the pure inappropriateness (is this a word? I sure hope so) - cover your private parts please - wearing leggings by themselves makes an outfit look incomplete.

And to point out the obvious, it just isn't flattering for most body shapes.

I bet opinions will be split again as I can see on this chictopia discussion, but please let me know via voting button: do you wear leggings as pants yes or no?

Would you wear leggings as pants?

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