01 July 2010

Channel the Brow

I, like many others, have fallen prey in the past to the over-plucking of the eyebrows. It's a basic mistake often made when you're about 14 years old and you just discovered what tweezers were for. It was cool for a moment, but like every trend, some have a use-by date for a reason. And thanks to whoever, the thick brows are back in and I'm loving it. It helps shape the face so well, and makes for a stronger look. I chose some local Aussie beauties who are representing the thick brow in the best way poss.

Ruby Rose, Abby Lee Kershaw, Miranda Kerr - All photos from Google images

Had to post this pick of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I would say most of the time these girls' pouting kinda bothers me, but in this photo, those brows overcome all annoyances I may have had in the past. Gorgeous!!!!

My brows are a work in progress..... I need to stage an intervention with my tweezers as of next meeting. It's a new beginning.

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Anthea said...

I've always loved thick brows. Of course, not as thick as Elmo! Good luck with your new beginning!

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