13 July 2010

Mitzi Delight: Upcoming Blogs

I love the fact that there are so many blogs popping up all the time - it's a real sign of this generation having its own voice, wanting to expressing something about oneselves and reaching out to others.

Here are some of the blogs I like which don't have a huge following yet, but surely will soon:

I actually found this blog through comments on our blog. It's a dutch blog which was started in May this year. The mad twins are so cute and always post interesting, various topics.

Fashion My Legs
This blog is very 'nice' i.e. only concerned with tights - featuring different (mostly) fashion bloggers sporting outfits with tights. And there are always great! I just love it how she finds the most amazing kinds of tights and stockings. Mental note: buy more tights.

Tick Tock Vintage
Alright I got a blog crush!! I love every single on of Veronika's outfits. I would wear every one. There is a certain simplicity, femininity and elegance to all her outfits. She's only been blogging since April and has a good following already. Must keep visiting.


Anthea said...

Thanks for the links! I love finding new blogs.

Embracing Style

TheMadTwins said...

You are soo nice Ö That so sweet. And thank you soo much O.O Really really really sweet Ö

btw: I don't think I have much tips for the nailpolish. I was bad in it first too X'D Just have to practice I think, I also watch a lot of video's on youtube, perhaps that's a tip.

Loves; The Mad Twins

Bec said...

hi anthea no problems :) will try and post some new ones once a week. there are so many good ones popping up all the time. x

madtwins hehe...
might try your nail polish idea on the weekend!

Oringina said...

Hey thanks for the feature :)
I'm really glad you like my blog it makes me sooo warm inside
I'll return the favour when you post some new legwear piccies and buy them tights.

Thanks again

Lisa xo

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