06 June 2010

Polyvored Hangover

I'd say today's hangover sits at about a 4/10. Nothing too strenuous at this point and in all my glory and laziness I find myself sitting here scouring polyvore which seems to be becoming a regular daily occurrence. FYI: Amazing. It's not just about the clothes for me, because to be honest majority are far and above my dismal price range right now. I love the website itself, the styling, the idea to match this with that, every brand under the sun, and just clear, easy design which these days is few and far between. I'm such a nanna when it comes to those flashy whiz-bang websites, they really piss me off when I can't just do the simple things like check out some product and get some basic info on it. If anything, polyvore gives me styling inspiration above all else. I guess in my hazy consciousness, surrounded by Doritos and several bottles of empty water bottles I plucked inspiration off fuckyeahstreetstyle, one of my fave street style blogs for the goodies I selected for my 'wish list'. Sometimes, a girl can only dream right.....

These are all brands I have never purchased as new and nor do I plan to. Having said that, I refuse to take away from the fact that this simple idea of having a place you can come to with all these brands and mix and match in one fell swoop and see what's out there, is really handy. Much less an awesome resource for all of us out there who have our 'i have nothing to wear' days which we all know can be highly traumatic.

Now, back to my mini hangover. Hope you all had a fab weekend x

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Adelaide said...

I love polyvore! I practically live on that site

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