11 June 2010

The Germans are turning Japanese: Kool Kat Kustom

I've been reading so many German fashion and style blogs, which has been great, because it has yielded some discoveries I haven't seen popping up on other blogs. Maybe I can even coax Kerry into getting inspiration from Spanish blogs... Anyhow, let's cut to the chase.

Kool Kat Kustom
is an online shop of accessories: necklaces, earrings, scarves hairclips, buttons, rings, sunglasses, bracelets... breath... mobile phone accessories, and more. It's actually too funny. Germans are usually so reserved and simple when it comes to fashion. You'd expect a website like this from the Japanese - sorry about the stereotype. I mean hello --- icecream as a website background!!

So here are some of my favourite goodies:

What? What? You want more? Ok...

Now, yes the website is in German... Sorry peeps - but it's mostly pictures and you only need to be able to navigate through the menus. I think you will be fine using google translate.

Web: www.koolkatkustom.com


Angela @ A Healthy Fit said...

I think the ice cream ones are funny because when I was in Germany everyone was eating ice cream all the time! We then ran into some Germans back in the states and guess what...they were eating ice cream!

Anonymous said...

hej, haven't seen that store around how cool! thanks! living in Germany, have to check them out! greets!

Bec said...

Hi Ange, just checked out you blog! You are a crazy lady!!

Thanks Some Style, didn't realise that you lived in Germany - whereabouts? Greetings to my homies!

Page said...

lovely blog!!!
i love your outfits and this post's amazing!! :)

Bec said...

Thanks Page! Love your 'about me' - will have to follow your blog for some etiquette and vintage tips :)

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