22 June 2010

Mitzi Delight: Four Dumplings

Couldn't help but post these four delights. Any time I see an outfit/style that catches my eye, I save it to my desktop and continue on my merry way in the hope that something comes of them. Lately, I haven't really been seeing much that grabs me, just feels like a whole lotta the same. Which is going to happen from time to time, there are lulls in every quarter. BUT I am happy to report that the 'lull' has now ceased, today I've come across four dumplings (I love dumplings!!!!) that I couldn't bare to go amiss.

I've been meaning to post this lass for a long time now but couldn't find a place to showcase this fab outfit. I just fell in love with the ochre red, baby blue and stripe combo. Such a natural beauty this one.

This gal reminds me of one of my besties, so I was a little biased at first. However, after giving her outfit a second look, I realised what a cute mix it was. Love the plum throw over and the vintage bag.

This old mate is just amazing, that kinda style is not available regularly, its a rare occurance and when it's captured by the likes of the Sartorialist, then it's just a magic moment.

This to me is the epitome of street style. No bare-legged supermodels in sky-high heels and manicured top to toe here. This is the true style that is rarely photographed, why? I have no idea, I plan to capture more street style through Mitzi like this.

These are four stylish peeps, and probably some of the best outfits I've seen in a long time. And that's a big call considering I scour streetstyle blogs, fashion diaries and anything remotely inspiring on a daily basis.

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