08 June 2010

Mitzi Delight: Gracing Locks

Hair goodies everywhere, seriously can't handle it. I've never been one to embellish my hair with a hat, ribbons, flowers, or any other worthy item. I have no reasoning for why, I mean I love it when I see someone do it right. So, why I haven't yet escaped the au natural, just rolled of bed look, I'll never know. But there's time for everything in my life, and one things for sure (and Bec will be sure to back me up) I'm not one to be rushed. I take my sweet time to do just about everything. Needless to say, I've had these poppets below do a damn fine job of getting me to sail to the other side of gracing my locks with happy, pretty, fab embellishments.

another day to dress up - Nothing like a round ribbed hat to brighten up a cute floral dress. This gal always gets it the right amount of done, not too much and not too little.

sea of shoes - Jane is ever the ostentatious glamour and she's not failed here in throwing a sweet pattern head scarf in the mix to compliment the colour of the hot pink top.

fashion forestry - I found this glamour as a stumbled across my usual daily haunts. Isn't she divine? Firstly the make up is awesome, but to boot the fascinator just brings all those pinks together to find one classic look.

calivintage - Erin has done the hat, occasional ribbon and turban thing along the tracks, but I've never seen her pull out a felt fascinator? (at least that's what I think it is). It's so adorable, I want one.

leproust vintage - We love a good cloche here. I love this one Kristin has found. It's borderline fascinator as it doesn't sit like a hat as much as some other cloche hats. Love the blue and red lip combo.

q's daydream - We are twins. Not often will you see this little lady wearing anything of the hair accessory kind, but here she's just primped up this outfit with a silk ribbon. Sometimes the simplest of touches can go a long way.

Once again, I'm left with a sense that today's hair situation must have a cute little item accompanying it.... Time to get creative.


SarahAnn said...

Great finds. I've been obsessing over headbands, making some of my own; but it's clearly time to branch out beyond just a regular old headband!


Mitzi Loves Opshops said...

I know! I'm the same, I'm lucky if I get a ribbon or headscarf in. I think we need to branch out haha!

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