17 June 2010

The Early Days - Beachwear

Maybe it's the effort the ladies from the 30's through to the 70's put it to looking good in their swimwear, either way they looked classic. It's as if they've slipped out of their daily attire, and popped on a swimming costume with their hair, makeup and other pleasantries all in perfect order.

Beach wear has changed ten fold. No more hair and makeup. The beach is now an all natural affair with hair messed and makeup scarce. I always think a natural look is better, however, you have to give it to the earlier years for their endless motivation to be put-together regardless of the occasion. I mean let's face it, the minute you hit the water, are hair and makeup really going to stay put? I think not. Unless of course you bobble on the top of the water with your neck outstretched for fear of a splash of water reaching your spotless cranium.

It seems that some of my fellow bloggers are under the same fascination, Q's Daydream gathered some old school swimwear photos, and turned them into her own inspiration and is seen here sporting a gorgeous vintage bathing suit.

Despite the illogical done-up-to-the-nines presentation of the earlier beach days, I believe our put-together ladies take far better and more memorable photographs than any other beach photos taken after the 80's. What do you guys reckon, back in the old days beachwear or today's natural take on beachwear?

Oh P.S Check this vintage swimwear website out, some really cute stuff, came across when I was getting all inspired and decided I wanted a 1940's bathing suit. I love my impracticality sometimes.

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