27 February 2010

First day jitters

First day in Barcelona. Don't faint I made it here alive, just! 27 hours on a plane is enough for a lifetime and quite frankly I'm surprised I didn't go completely insane. Regardless, I am here in beautiful Barcelona, soaking up the sunny yet crispy weather. I must say though, in 24 hours I've managed to work myself up into quite a fulfilled state of mind, due to the fact that all my winter rags are out to play!!!

Red stripe T: Sportsgirl
Navy/Red Scarf: Second-hand
Cream coat: H & M
Black jeans: Cheap Mondays
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Primark

It's the perfect weather for my creativity to run free, as it's only just cold enough for a coat but warm enough so you don't have to be bundled up into a sack for fear of pneumonia. Today's outfit: very casual as it was an errands day. Once I'd decided what to wear, I realised today has been a relatively vintage-free day (shock, horror!). But as the quote goes: 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Albeit not common for me to not be wearing vintage or second-hand items, I welcome the days when I throw on an outfit that still suits my style but isn't all about looking like you have just walked out of H&M decked top to toe. So a cheers to my first day, and primera post from the european quarters.

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