21 February 2010

Why we love opshopping, second-hand clothes and vintage fashion!

While we are not collectors of vintage clothes and don’t try to look like we just stepped out from another decade - we do love second-hand, vintage fashion and opshopping in general!

Here at Mitzi Loves Opshops we enjoy the thrill of finding clothes from past decades and the often low price of second-hand clothes also makes  it possible for us to maintain this hobby!

Pics from Flickr, tagged 'vintage'

Here are the top five reasons why we love vintage fashion:
  • Uniqueness: While everyone wants to be different, we really do want to be different! Haha... Well, a while ago we got fed up with looking like we just stepped out of a chain store. Clothes from previous decades were often custom made, and others were manufactured in small quantities only.  And most of the time, the detailing is beautiful  and includes hand finishing, unusual buttons, embroidery, lace, crochet, applique, beading and other techniques.

  • Quality: Back in the day, clothes were designed to be worn for decades, and were well cut and made. Also, some of the materials used are rare today or very expensive.

  • Price: Alright, we admit it – we are cheap skates! But opshopping and finding bargains in various other stores it the only way we can maintain our opshopping obsession.

  • Inspiration: Finding unusual pieces stretches our imagination and creativity in how to put new outfits together and opens our mind to try styles we would otherwise have never considered!

  • The Challenge: It’s not just about simply walking into our fave store and plucking off the rack what the mannequin suggests -  no! - opshopping develops an inner desire to find something special or unique. We have always lacked patience to say the very least, so opshopping has given us that outlet to just go with the flow and scour racks to find a treasure, if not its until next time. The challenge lies in accepting there is no plan for every excursion, you might find that pair of fabulous red leather flats you were after three months ago and not that pair of high waisted jeans you were after for tonight’s outing. What will be will be!
Why do you wear vintage fashion?

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