26 February 2010

Green me up

Naturally before leaving the hometown and embarking on another adventure abroad, there are always the endless catchups to be attended. I always like to mix up the occasions.. one dinner, one bar, one pub and dance floor encounter just to give me one last of everything before I go. Having different groups of friends means choosing the best night for the right peeps. This evening we headed to a bar in the city centre, none of this fancy pants cocktail evening wear, its a funky bar, live music and the like, so I felt it best to dress how I was feeling: a splash of dishevelled, colourful and ready for a cocktail.

Cargo Olive Shift Dress & Pocket: Vintage
Burnt Orange Beaded Necklace: Vintage
Black/Gold Pendant: Grandma's
Soft Gold Belt Chain: Second-Hand
Watch: Fossil
Black Gem Ring: Diva
Black Alexa Boots: K-Mart

I like how the outfit turned out, but managed to forgot my glomesh black clutch I had hooked under my arm all night for the pics beforehand so you will just have to open up your imagination for the finished look. Mixing it up with the ostentatious jewellery and a splash of orange was a must, but I admit this outfit was helped along by my hours scouring Ms Westwood pages with all her wonders.

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